Julia Lysenko
  • Community Events

    Heralds of Harmony Rehearsal
    9-27-16 6:30 pm - Sourcetoad
    Heralds of Harmony Barbershop Chorus Meetup

    Come join us for a great time of singing some barbershop harmony!!

    Tuesday Night Gaming
    9-27-16 6:30 pm - Sourcetoad
    Brandon Boardgamers

    Folks we get to have a game night at the Corner bakery at Regency plaza across from the mall.  The Manager is generously providing us with space. There is no charge, but think about buying food and drinks from here. We wont be able to bring in...

    Presentation by Cal Evans: "Going Pro" - the traits of a professional developer
    9-27-16 6:30 pm - Sourcetoad
    Tampa Bay PHP

    Well known keynote speaker and developer advocate Cal Evans presents a rework of his keynote address "Going Pro". It's an hour long presentation on the traits of being a professional developer.More about...

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    2015 Forecasts for Real Estate in Pinellas county.

    Lots of us were not sure where the market was going in this shaky economy. Lots of investors jumped into opportunities to buy portfolios of real estate, but some investors were inclined to wait thinking real estate in Pinellas county will keep going  lower. Well, the numbers are out and the prices for real estate in […]

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    Real estate is moving!

    Tampa Bay real Estate We all notice that real estate is moving: there are no more houses on the market that stay for a long time unless they are overpriced. Interest rates are increasing too which put the buyers in not as much favorable situation but still if we compare the prices and interest rates […]

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